A big thanks to ScanMemories for keeping the old memories alive!

September 22, 2017
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Warmth is the feeling you get when you interact with Rajesh and his lovely family consisting of his wife Dipa and daughter Disha. When we delivered Rajesh’s over 700 family photos in an USB drive with cleaned physical photos, the entire family was excited to check the photos on the large flat screen TV. On one hand, Rajesh and Dipa were happy to have all their photos right from their marriage to the photos of Disha’s birthdays digitised. While on the other hand, teenager Disha was upset that there were only few of her photos in the entire connection and Rajesh had to console her that since she represents the digital era, most of her photos are already digital.

Rajesh, a senior executive in private sector bank in Mumbai when first called ScanMemories office regarding digitisation of his photos; he was very clear about his requirement, the folder structure, the backup mechanism for digital photos etc.

photo scanning quality colour correction
Photo scanning, colour correction

The photos were predominantly from 1990s and 2000. However with time, some of them had developed a reddish tinge and we were happy to get them back to their original glory while digitising them.

Photos represent memories of your life
Photos represent memories of your life

When we asked Rajesh why he wanted to digitise the photos, he philosophises, “You can’t erase memories. Memories are important in your life. You can hide the reality but you cannot hide memories. Photos are memories of your life and as they are revived once again, I feel like I am back to the age of 27 or 28… those old days.”

Rajesh wants to have photos of his family, their happy moments together running continuously on a digital photo frame at his home.

Big thanks to ScanMemories
Big thanks to ScanMemories!

Speaking about ScanMemories experience, he said “A big thanks to ScanMemories for keeping the old memories alive. I will definitely recommend them to all my colleagues, friends and relatives. Try this and you will never miss special moments in your life. A big thanks once again to ScanMemories. Thank you!”

On the other hand, ScanMemories team is thankful to Rajesh, Dipa and Disha for letting us revive their wonderful memories for them.