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Preparing for disasters: Digitise photos

September 09, 2017
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Hurricane Harvey, hurricane Irma and to a lesser extent Mumbai rains of 29th August all highlight the need to be ready for natural calamities, irrespective of how accurately we can predict the weather.

In our recent blog, we spoke about making your photos ready to face the tough Mumbai weather conditions.

To add to it we are just providing a couple of interesting video/ blog article on disaster preparation.

The 1st video we would like to talk about is by NBC News, reiterates what we have been talking about in terms of converting print photos to digital, backing them up on external drive and cloud.

NBC: Disaster prep: Digitize your photos
NBC: Disaster prep: Digitize your photos

The other article we would like to talk about is by Holly Richardson: You never know when today will be ‘The day before’. This article makes an interesting point which we are reproducing here, “While you are scanning, preparing and preserving memories, take some pictures of your home. Those “before” pictures can help streamline the insurance claim process by showing possessions you left behind and the state of your home before disaster struck.”

One last word for our friends in Americas, we at ScanMemories would be more than happy to digitise your photos for you. Just leave a message on our contact form and we will provide details on how to proceed. Stay safe!

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