Scanning 2000 photos by yourself costs you 1 month income

Scanning 2000 photos by yourself costs you 1 month’s income!

August 09, 2017
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The most common deterrent in digitizing physical photos is the time taken to digitize the photos. In an independent survey conducted by ScanMemories with over 130 Indian households, 56% respondents cited time taken to scan photos as the biggest challenge which prevents them from digitizing their physical photos and precious memories.

In the pre- digital camera/ smartphone era, photography was an expensive affair. As it not only involved one-time fixed cost of buying a camera, but also involved recurring cost of buying camera rolls and cost of developing the film. Still if we consider the households who have got physical photos, the total number of photos will range anywhere between 1500 to 2500 photographs.

Now for the sake of simplicity, we are not counting the cost of scanner and assuming the person scanning photographs at home is doing so using either a mobile app or already existing scanner which does not cost him anything. Now, just a back of the envelope calculation with the assumption that a photo scan will take on an average 5 minutes of scanning time (removing photo from album, cleaning of photo, actual scanning and saving digital photo in a folder on your computer or phone); we came up with interesting timelines for the photo digitization project at home.

Cost of scanning photos by yourself
Cost of scanning photos by yourself

So, from the above calculation to digitize 2000 photos at home will require around 167 hours of your time! If theoretically we consider a person spends every day 8 hours and works for 21 days a month (i.e. 168 hours) on this project, the person will be spending exactly 1 person-month to scan 2000 photos by himself/ herself at home. This is exactly the time we spend in our respective offices every month for which we get the salary or earn the income which we take home. So if we have to put a money-value to this, the efforts spent to digitize 2000 photos by oneself will cost the person money equivalent to his/ her 1 month income or salary!

Now let’s take another way of doing this which is more practical scenario, where a person spends 2 hours every week on one of the weekends for the home scanning project. This means spending total of (166/2=) 83 weeks or 1 year 8 months for the home scanning of photos. Now humanly it is not possible to keep your dedication for such a long time and this means digitization of your photos is a near impossible dream if you are planning to do it yourself at home.

The proper way to go ahead with this kind of project which does not look to be a mammoth task at the outset but is actually very tedious thing to do, is outsource the project to a reliable partner like ScanMemories who have capabilities to scan around 2000 photos in a single day with the best image quality possible, and at a cost which is fraction of what you will incur if you decide to do it yourself.

Save your memories at the minimum cost possible by outsourcing to a reliable partner.

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