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“ScanMemories is fantastic in terms of turnaround, quality, sincerity & delivery!”

November 23, 2017
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As a start-up, you always find your initial customers in your friends and acquaintances. However it is even more heartening when you find friends in your customers. Team ScanMemories is very happy to find one such great friend and well-wisher in Jayant Desai!

Jayant is a well-travelled, fun loving guy and a very warm person. Along with his wife Shailaja they form a lovely couple. Jayant and Shailaja had more than 2200 photos of friends and family taken across various countries where they stayed. These photos are a reflection of their travels, and great time spent with family and friends. These photos in fact reflect their philosophy to live the life to the fullest and enjoy every moment in the life.

Jayant very eloquently explains the charm of physical photos, “There was a time when we were limited by the number of pictures we could take because a film role had 24 or 36 (films). There was an occasion of putting it in an album and then sometimes we will make extra copies and send to our friends and relatives through snail mail. That was really nice because everybody could actually celebrate the moment and it was a social occasion of sharing your experience and happiness with others.”

ScanMemories photo scanning digitisation India
Photos help sharing your experience and happiness with others

Speaking about his motivation to digitise the physical photos he says, “Over time what has happened is we still enjoy doing all of those great things like travelling and hanging out with friends and family but digital phone has taken over and our DSLR and other equipment have all just backed up resulting in instant gratification but it doesn’t come up with the same level of pleasure of sharing. For us we really treasured this and the pictures moved with us to many countries but over time we started seeing that these pictures getting damaged through water, humidity, dust and ageing. And every time you look at those albums it’s really wonderful to relive all those moments. But it’s so cumbersome to pull out those albums and dust it over and sharing is just between one-on-one and a group of people can’t really huddle over and look at the pictures.”

Jayant had taken good care of his photos over the years. When handing over the pictures to us he meticulously bundled together the photos in over 50 different packets, naming the packets with the year in which photos were taken along with the life event. This helped us tremendously in creating an optimal folder structure for digital pictures; which would eventually allow Jayant to retrieve the digital pictures quickly. A few photos had got damaged by water and we cropped these photos to remove the damaged part but maintained the essence of the photo to the best extent possible. Jayant wanted to see the photos on big television screen and insisted on scanning the photos to a high resolution. Keeping in mind this specific requirement we scanned the photos to a resolution of 600 DPI. Along with handing over the digital pictures in a hard disk, we also uploaded the pictures on Google Drive for Jayant which would work as an online back-up for his photos and also allow him to share the photos easily with friends and family.

ScanMemories photo scanning customer testimonial review
ScanMemories is fantastic in terms of turnaround, quality, sincerity and delivery!

Jayant was very happy with the final results and very lavish in his praise of ScanMemories. Describing his experience of working with ScanMemories he said, “It was just awesome when a friend of mine referred me to ScanMemories. It was just awesome because they took over all these pictures and scanned them in high resolution and restored some of the pictures to their natural quality and it’s uploaded on a cloud on a Google Drive or a pen drive. Now it’s so awesome that we are able to watch it in a social setting or if you have gathering of ten people from family and friends and we can easily pull-up any picture we want of any occasion we want and share it on our big screen or our laptop. It just makes so accessible to relive those memories now. I wholeheartedly recommend that you should all consider treasuring what is priceless and getting your pictures digitised through ScanMemories. They offer a plethora of services. They have been fantastic in terms of their turnaround, the quality of their work, their sincerity and in terms of what they offer you and how they deliver it. As a start-up they offer a personalised service but that is going to last for a short time until they become very big and they may not be able to personalise it anymore for you. So grab this opportunity of that personalisation and get those wonderful treasures digitised so they live forever.”

At ScanMemories we would just like to say it’s awesome to know a guy like Jayant and we wish he keeps celebrating and enjoying life!